Bunnies By Alexis is a small Holland Lop rabbitry located in Lutz, Florida. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect rabbit, so we place high priority on training all of our rabbits to make them as easy to handle as possible. This is great for any new or inexperienced owners, as well as younger handlers like 4-H or FFA members. We feed some of the highest quality food available (Oxbow brand pellets/hay and organic locally grown vegetables) to start your rabbit off on the right foot for a long healthy life. In addition, each rabbit is guaranteed daily time out of their cage to run around. We're offering both show rabbits and companion rabbits. However, companion rabbits may not come with a pedigree. For more information please read our sales policy.

All rabbits are sent home with a custom portfolio containing baby pictures, their pedigree, and a few extra surprises. We are the only rabbitry to add that 

kind of personal touch!

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Show Achievements

Check out below for recent show results and Holland events.

Florida State Fair

For 5 consecutive years our Hollands have been shown at the highly competitive Florida State Fair in both Youth and Open classes. We've been awarded many honors over the years with the most recent being multiple Best of Breed wins, Best Display of Breed and Best Display of Show. This show is often a crucial point for many FFA and 4-H members involved in the hobby so we do our best to have availability that corresponds with their entry deadlines.

Local Shows

Local shows are great for any rabbit owners to attend, as 

you get to speak with experts in the field and see quality examples of each breed. The HLRSC (Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club) awards points and rankings based on show performance which are published in their magazine. This rabbitry (Listed as Alexis Yahre) was ranked top 10 in the country during a 2016 publishing.

Youth Programs

These rabbits are raised indoors in a home setting, with added intensive training that will allow them to be geared towards inexperienced handlers, along with working well with the family members of those involved. Many of our Hollands have been the building blocks of new agriculture programs at both the middle and high school level, and have been shown by the students involved in their affiliated programs. We've hosted several seminars for newbies and pros alike and are always there as a resource for the full life of every rabbit sold.

Improving the Breed

Every litter is given careful forethought and selection so that quality, temperament, health and ease of maintenance are always the priority. Many rabbits have been flown in from top breeders all across the country to ensure that every bunny born is taking the breed a step forward. We offer an exclusive take on the standard that showcases the proud structure and lively nature that Holland Lops are widely known and loved for.

Members of and breeding per the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeder's Association) and HLRSC (Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club).