Sales Policy

Sales Policy

If you wish for me to reserve a specific rabbit for more than 2 weeks I require a 50% deposit. If no payment is received after several days the rabbit will become available to other buyers. Do not send me your deposit until I have answered all of your questions, we have agreed on the price, and we have established a time and a place where you will get your rabbit. Deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind, or do not pick up your rabbit. I will refund your deposit if, when you examine the rabbit in person, it is not what was advertised. (you discover an undisclosed problem with the rabbit, or it has faults you were unaware of.) I will refund your deposit in the case of if I cancel a sale. I have the right to cancel any sale prior to its completion. Pet rabbits will NOT come with a pedigree. (This is to discourage people from breeding rabbits that are not to the standard.) There can be some exceptions to this rule, but you will be notified if that's the case.

Waiting List

No deposits are required to be put onto the waiting list. When a rabbit becomes available you will be called or sent an email to notify you. If you are interested in the rabbit, you can respond back to get any other questions answered and arrange for you to pick up. If you are asking for a particular rabbit to be held for more than 2 weeks, I will request a deposit.

**New: I now offer in-person appointments for those on the waiting list. These are an opportunity for meeting the potential parents, practicing handling and asking questions.

Pick Up

To pick up your rabbit you can either get it from a show I'm attending (Most shows I attend are within a 2 hour drive of Lutz, with occasional trips to North Florida and Georgia areas.) or come to my house. Contact me to see which shows I will be attending and to reserve your rabbit in advance.